Data Services



We help corporations ensure that information upon which business decisions are based is accurate, relevant, and timely.


Our services include data audit, optimization of data collection, data structuring, usage advising, and staying current on market data developments. Each of the offered services represents a part of the comprehensive market data solution package. 

Market data audit

OVG's technical audit of data includes review of the corporate data requirements and standards, examination of the existing data collection process, detection of inefficiencies in the existing process. We evaluate how the data helps with achieving corporate objectives. This involves profiling data and assessing the impact of quality data on the organization's performance and profits. ​​​​​​​We provide recommendations on the most optimal and efficient market data collection process with the support of machine learning and data mining algorithms.​​​​​​​

Data structuring services

Properly structured data sets help improve operational efficiency across organization. Data structuring services follow these steps:

- Development of data validation strategy, processes and procedures (real-time & historical);

- Mapping market data sets across various markets;

- Normalization of data sets from different data providers by matching their features and attributes.

Market data business usage 

We help organizations identify data sets, which are best suited for meeting business and operational goals. These services include:

- Review of the corporate data strategy, usage, and operational processes;

- Analysis of data sets available in the market and matching them with those utilized by the client;

- Recommendations on market data vendors and source selection;

- Creation of data catalog containing the most optimal market data sets; and

- Optimization of the existing data management processes, such as collection, structuring, and verification.

Data registry & notification system

OVG designs market data registries for specific business needs. Data registries help our clients identify what data sets are available in the market to support their business operations. Our clients have a clear view of various market data products released by different data providers; this knowledge helps them leverage the full spectrum of relevant market data to improve operational efficiency and market oversight. The service is augmented by the system of alerts, which notify subscribers of any changes to market data. ​​​​​​Development of the system follows these steps:

- Identification of data sets available in the market;

- Assessment of how data sets from different data providers relate to each other and which ones are similar in features and attributes;

- Design and development of market data library specific for the client;

- Online access to the data library;

- Alert system notifying of any changes to data publishing.