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    Strategic advisory and analytics.
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    Business and market assessments and forecasts.
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    Data management and marketing services.

> Identify and evaluate business opportunities and challenges
> Help manage market data

> Develop market monitoring tools
> Assess trading in open market vs. bilateral trades
> Build forecasts
> Evaluate projects, contracts, investing, business alterations

> Prepare market studies
> Develop strategies for entering markets, introducing products​​​​​​​


Who We Serve

We serve primarily energy and IT markets.

Our services extend to other lateral industries and sectors.

Part I

Diving into the freeze of winter 2018.​​​​​​​

Review of the fundamentals'
behavior during the cold snap.

Part II

Historical analysis of cold snaps.

​​​​​​​If history teaches us anything - find the relevant history!

Part III

Methodologies challenged by industry critical events

...and the ever-changing set of supply and demand drivers.