Business Consultancy

> Market studies

> Analysis of all aspects of business operations

> Evaluation of projects, contracts, business opportunities and challenges

> Strategies for entering markets, introducing new products and services

> Pricing

> Financial modelling 

> Forecasts
> Market data management

> Market monitoring
> Assessment of trading in open market vs. bilateral trades


We are not like any Big Name - Big Bill consultancy, which will hand you a report full of generic Big Buzz words leaving you pondering over the value of the services you've just paid a bit too much for with your hard earned money.

Our services are built for You and geared towards Your needs.

We will advise on what works for You within the markets You operate in.

Our Clients

We serve primarily energy and IT markets.

Our services extend to other lateral industries and sectors.

The OVG team is comprised of seasoned professionals with strong academic background and extensive experience in IT, data and databases, economics, mathematics, regulation, finance, marketing and strategy.


“Understanding the fluid nature of regulated change that is inherent in today’s energy business makes having a partner like OVG Consulting essential.  Our business specializes in facilities security for remote areas across the power grid.  Without the understanding of federally mandated grid security requirements and the predictive utilization analysis we receive from the OVG experts we would not have the competitive edge we routinely provide for our customers.”


Jeff Ferguson, Founder and President, Frontline Ballistic Barriers




Part I

Diving into the freeze of winter 2018.​​​​​​​

Review of the fundamentals'
behavior during the cold snap.

Part II

Historical analysis of cold snaps.

​​​​​​​If history teaches us anything - find the relevant history!

Part III

Methodologies challenged by industry critical events

...and the ever-changing set of supply and demand drivers.