"We were very happy with the substantive and timely analysis prepared by OVG Consulting. Their independent assessment helps us make a powerful economic argument to our customers and is persuasive to managers and regulators when combined with our collective biological studies confirming that our selective fish passage system is also smarter for native fish recovery efforts.  As a result, our message to the hydropower industry and its regulators is accelerating deployment decisions around the world. We will definitely engage with OVG in the future when assessing options for our customers through Whooshh Consults."

Vincent Bryan III

CEO, Whooshh Innovations Inc.

     ...a powerful economic argument to our customers...

"The project report was exhaustive and helped my startup make strategic decisions. I would recommend OVG for expertise and experience."

Dr. Praphulla Tiwary

Co-founder & CEO, Plantee Bioplastics

      ... helped my startup make strategic decisions.

"It was a pleasure to work with OVG Consulting on a detailed market study for Portable Electric. Experience, deep energy market analysis and knowledge, and fast work pace make OVG a very valuable asset to any organization looking to further their market intel into the energy world. I look forward to working with OVG again soon."

Mark Rabin

Founder and CEO, Portable Electric

       ...valuable asset to any organization...

“RecognAIse Technologies Inc. had the pleasure of working with OVG on a market study. OVG was tasked with writing a report on how RecognAIse's novel solution for inspections was relevant for clients in Canada. The report was well detailed, well balanced from quantitative and quantitative sides giving the RecognAIse team unprecedented insight into the power transmission market. The report aside, OVG kept up a high level of communication with our team, constantly supplying updates, asking questions, and clarifying anything that wasn't immediately clear. Given an excellent quality of her work, we are exploring an additional market study in a different market to work with OVG again.”

Janos Toth

Founder and CEO, ReconnAIse Technologies Inc.


 unprecedented insight into the power transmission market.

"We were very satisfied with the quality and professionalism of OVG Consulting who prepared for us the market study, evaluated our options, and recommended the strategy to enter different industries with our new product line. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration in other projects."

Hasan Afrouzi

President, Accutek Industries Ltd.

 ... quality and professionalism...

"We engaged OVG to develop a market assessment and go-to-market strategy for our new online platform. The resulting study report was very deep, analytical and insightful; supported by the Excel model calculating projected revenues, it surpassed our expectations for such project. The recommendations were not only based on detailed industry, regulatory, social, and quantitative market research and analyses, but also very creative. The project was a great experience and I will absolutely recommend OVG Consulting to any business looking for consulting services, which require insightful research, deep analysis and original solutions."

Dele Omueti

 CEO, Porton Health

   ...surpassed our expectations for such project.

“Understanding the fluid nature of regulated change that is inherent in today’s energy business makes having a partner like OVG Consulting essential. Our business specializes in facilities security for remote areas across the power grid. Without the understanding of federally mandated grid security requirements and the predictive utilization analysis we receive from the OVG experts we would not have the competitive edge we routinely provide for our customers.”

Jeff Ferguson

Founder and President, Frontline Ballistic Barriers

        ... we would not have the competitive edge...

"The expert opinions and guidance provided by OVG Consulting Inc. during the recent evaluation of the INEOS Bio/INEOS New Plant bid effort was critical for our bid submittal on that project. The OVG team provided their response under a very limited time deadline and that proved to be of extreme value to our assessment team.”


Rick Wood

President and Founder of Woodlawn Farms Inc. and the team at The Rural Predictive Project

  ...extreme value...

“The Rural Predictive Project has had a long working relationship with OVG Consulting Inc. OVG clearly understands that there are four key components to any successful energy strategy. First is the real time collection of focused and accurate data. Second is the timely assessment of that data making sure that the original intent of its utilization remains in mind but while also studying the littoral fringes of the data for new information. Third is the rapid generation of a concise and useful analysis aimed at the Fourth component of guiding management toward the best possible strategic decision.OVG is a master at understanding that any analysis must keep pace with exponentially changing world. Finally analytical reports are wasted if management decisions are not fore coming from those reports. OVG helps their clients understand the implications of the analytics and then guides management decisions they must follow in order for them to realize successful long-term growth.”

The Rural Predictive Project

   ... successful long-term growth.