Evaluation & Economical Modelling

Financial assessment of business challenges and opportunities, from the initial investing, entering into new contracts, expanding or contracting operations, trading in the open market, improving operational efficiencies to changing ownership.


Clients can choose between studies and self-assessing models.

Financial & economical modelling

Our financial evaluation services include examination of operational processes and business financial performance, analysis and simulation modelling of supply and demand within the framework of system dynamics, supply chain optimization. We prepare scheduling optimization, production planning, evaluation of asset management strategy, and simulation and optimization of market trading.

We examine how companies and markets react to changes in public policy and other market players.

We quantify historical and simulate future changes in price, market share, trading patterns, and system transformation with the focus on returns and value at risk.

Proforma models

Self-assessing financial proforma models that we develop for our clients for different business maturity stages help them find the best options in operational and financial decision-making process. Integrated financial statements provide project investors and operators with a better understanding of how changes in financial, market, and operational parameters can impact firm’s fiscal health.​​​​​​​

Procurement optimization models

Maintaining an optimal market purchasing strategy is a challenging task especially for businesses whose purchasing and customer serving patterns are not aligned. An example of that is a real-time retailer who maintains a portfolio of long-term and short-term commodity contracts. Procuring products for later retailing entails the risk that the market value of these products will drop before they can be sold. Such businesses require an access to reliable and timely information to analyze costs and benefits of their procurement decisions. OVG designs self-assessment procurement models, which contribute to creating the organizational agility by helping to identify market opportunities faster than competitors while ensuring a high flexibility supply chain. Self-assessing procurement model is a strategic planning and sourcing solution creating balanced portfolios and equipping its users with the information needed to leverage the market, optimize logistics, and control expenditures and risk.

Asset management models

Handling the multitude of devices, equipment, instruments, tools and other types of assets is not a simple task; it gets even more complicated and fraught with costly errors when it comes to making decisions on their retirement versus repair. OVG asset management modelling solutions help businesses understand the asset lifecycle cost implications and make decisions on asset budgeting and planning with the reduction of O&M costs. OVG models help track the complete detailed information on asset history, condition, current inventory. They simulate asset performance behavior and estimate asset remaining lifetime and failure impact, prioritize assets requiring additional maintenance or replacement. If required, models can be augmented with the market and trend forecasts. With our asset management tools, businesses move away from the time-based maintenance to reliability-centered maintenance strategy.

Operational efficiency improvement

We identify and help eliminate operational and business inefficiencies. We audit existing systems, analyze processes, workflows, cost of production, product/service quality and goodwill. We measure inefficiencies and quantify the impact from proposed solutions.​​​​​​​

Strategic assessment

At some point of time, a business runs into opportunities or challenges, which simply cannot be ignored. These events range from taking on new projects, contracts, partnerships, expanding into new markets, changing ownership to divesting. Strategic decisions can have a great impact on any business; they can ultimately make or brake any business. When faced with such situation, decision makers have to have a clear understanding of the business' true value, its financial and market standing, as well as capacity for taking on changes. 

OVG's integrated quantitative and qualitative strategic assessment service provides a complete and objective evaluation to help businesses with making decisions on whether to pursue or forego these opportunities. Our evaluation includes, but not limited to, financial standing, market position and acceptance, feasibility of pursuing the new opportunity, impact on competitiveness, decision alternatives and different outcome scenarios.

Cost of service. Price (rate) design

Calculation of cost of service (materials, labor, overhead costs, etc.) can be prepared as an independent study, part of assessment of operational efficiency or for setting customer rates. Rate setting strategy varies for different stages of product, market and competition development; it ranges from introduction of new products and services, services bundling, pricing against competition, at premium or economy. Rates for different customer classes of regulated utilities are designed on the basis of revenue requirements principles.