Corporate & Product Marketing


We develop various elements of marketing programs, from strategies to fully integrated multi-channeled marketing campaigns for brand elevation, launch of new products and services, expansion into new markets. 

We assist with pricing of the product and services mix.

Marketing strategy

Effective marketing strategy helps businesses to define the overall direction and goals for brand elevation and marketing of products and services. The basis for all our strategic studies, including marketing, is a thorough research and in-depth quantitative analysis. We study client’s products and services, their positioning in the market against competition, the depth of competition, regulatory, business and technological environments ensuring market's readiness and acceptance of the client’s products and services. We examine the target market segments and estimate their size. We assess the client's SWOT, identify differentiating factors and develop messages for positioning for each market segment. Market validation is an optional part of the study representing testing of a product (service) concept against potential target market segments. Our recommendations include a detailed approach of (re)-entering the target markets and implementation of measures, methods for effective impact on the market.

Marketing tactics

OVG turns marketing strategies into reality by constructing marketing plans with the tactical actions for reaching the target market. We develop packaging and pricing for the product and service mix; this information is used for estimating the revenues to assess the value to the client and viability of the products and services. OVG helps with the identification of the proper distribution channels, physical and virtual, to position products and services in the marketplace within a short reach from potential customers. Marketing plan also comprises communication plan detailing channels for promoting the products and services by sending clear value-proposition messages to the target market, supported by the cost-benefit analysis. We study the existing practices of building and maintaining the loyal customer base and recommend improvements in buying and usage experience. OVG also helps with the development of internal corporate communication and employee training to turn the internal force into promoters of the corporate brand.